Tuesday, April 19, 2011

One came and one went

I was so glad to see this one come back from a weekend trip with my parents:

mid late march 009

But, at the same time, I lost a ‘new’ daughter at the expense of her coming back:

goats 016

The one on the um, right.

Here are some of her friends:

goats 018

goats 019

goats 023

goats 024 

I goat-sat for sweet Betsy this weekend while my parents took a weekend trip. Milking 3 times a day, some late nights were spent with Betsy—calming her as she listened with fright to the whippoorwill sing her night song. Urging her to be still and let’s ‘get this done’. How time consuming, yet calming, this goat-milking is.

I didn’t expect Daddy to take her back so soon.

This morning, as I went to the laundry room to get my robe off of the nail, I didn’t hear the familiar, BLEY.

Guess we are ‘bout ready for a couple goats of our own.

As for now, I’m ready to hear the laughter from my eldest daughter flowing around the house. I’m eager to hear her and her best playmate, my youngest son, playing as they do. Her bossing, him doing her bidding. :)

And for now, she wants to see the new chickens. So even though it is EARLY, I’m going to drag myself down to the chicken yard.

Do you have goats? I’d love to hear about your experience with them.

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