Saturday, April 16, 2011

Stay-at-Home Evangelists


I know my posts have been more serious and less about my personal life, but I’ve often prayed that my blog will be used for HIS glory, and the past few posts are topics the Lord has given to me and has been dealing with me lately.

For years, I never really cared much about Soul Winning. I was in a complacent, dangerous ‘spiritual’ state when I feel everything is just hunky-dory and all is great. When spiritually, I was starving, dying even. I felt like it should be done, but I didn’t have a desire for it.

I spent years in public school, never witnessing much to my peers. My peers knew I was a Christian, but I didn’t really have a huge desire to witness to them. I wasn’t spiritually-prepared, I wasn’t excited enough about my salvation.

Which brings the point that, One has to have something to offer to be able to give it to another.

I spent years working in a pharmacy and years working as a school teacher where I never did much witnessing. I tried to be good so my life would reflect Christ, but I wanted my life to do all the talking. And we should let our lives live out Christ for us. One of my close, young coworkers (with whom I worked closely for about 5 years) died from suspicious causes (I really don’t know he died, I don’t know if the reason was ever revealed) about 2 years ago and I often think about my lack of sharing the gospel with him. I pray he found Christ, but if he did, it wasn’t because I shared Him with him. :(

After I became a Mama and came home to stay with my children, I sort of felt justified in saying that they were my converts, I was their missionary. I wasn’t supposed to have an outside outreach other than them. Now if you ultimately gain the world for Christ and lose your own children, something is badly, badly wrong. I totally agree we should be a living example of Christ to our children. That is why it is SO CRITICAL that we get down on our knees every day before those babies wake up and get FULL of Christ. Full of His wisdom. You can’t raise them by yourself. You can’t even raise them with your husband’s help. But you Don’t even HAVE to raise them if you PUT ON CHRIST every day. He is the one raising them. His Holy Spirit is working through His vessel, YOU. Isn’t that wonderful knowing that you can just LET GO and LET GOD? I would be SCARED outta my MIND if I woke up and realized that I had to raise these FOUR youngsters under the age of 8 by myself. Wow. That’s enough to make me break into a sweat!

Anyway. I am getting off. :)

I have been praying for a true burden for souls. That is the first step. You cannot witness effectively without a burden. Pray that the Lord will let you envision souls going to hell. YOUR loved ones. Pray that he will give you a sense of urgency for this hour. He will if you pray in faith and truly desire to make an impact for Christ.

So, what can you do while being a SAHM to evangelize??

1. Without ever leaving your home, you can GIVE to the cause of Christ. Save up change and have your kids get involved. At the end of a certain day of the month, have them help you count out the change (I found an EMBARRASING amount of change, even DOLLARS, since I have been decluttering), go get a money order for that amount or write a check, and give to the ministry the Lord lays on your heart (he WILL let you know who to support or who needs you most). Maybe it’s an evangelist that has come by to preach at your church. Maybe it’s a missionary with a large family to feed, clothe. Maybe it’s a campus minister out forsaking his self to do God’s work. Pray about it. Maybe you could support an orphan or a child through Compassion International.

2. Use tracks. You know the Chick Tracts you used to pick up off the foyer table and read while church was going on? There were two or three that used to scare the everliving out of me! Anyway, you can purchase tracts from Ebay or online, I’m sure, or maybe even you can find somewhere that has them for free. I know our drugstore, here in town, has free tracts.

    • How can you use them? Every time I pump gas, I put a tract under the lever thing that holds the gas-pumper. The next person who pumps after me has a tract to read while they are pumping gas! Another way is to leave a tract on the back of a toilet in a public bathroom. Also, leave one on the table with your tip. Not trying to be stereotypical, but waitresses are often hurting people with stressful jobs.. I have just noticed that. Of course, you can just hand them out to people you feel might need one. Sometimes you can just recognize the hurting, the desperate.

3. With signs. Okay now, I admit I used to have a problem with people who got on the street in the middle of town, holding a sign that reads, Repent or You’re Going to Hell or Are you Ready? I think it may have to do with my lukewarm state or my lack of burden for souls. I was almost embarrassed for those people. But I realize that we are only supposed to plant the seed and the viewers of those signs, when they stand before God, can’t say that they didn’t see the message.

    • Can you take an hour and maybe you and one of your older children hold a sign beside the road of your church? Pray about what God would have you put on the sign. You really want to use wisdom on this. This is a great experience for an older child and a great way for passersby to see the gospel.

4. In your Neighborhood. Do you have some tracts and a good cookie recipe? Bake up a large batch of cookies, put them in ziploc bags, attach a couple of tracts to the ziploc bags (I use paper clips) and go around the neighborhood to distribute. You know, the ones who are hooking up the fishing boat at 9:45 on Sunday morning or the one who, on Sunday morning, is already out on the porch with a cold one. Take your kids at your discretion. I don’t know your neighborhood. Your husband may need to go with you. A lot of times you will see people out in their yards on Saturdays and you don’t even have to do the dreaded door to door. 

5. Cards or letters. Anyone can send a simple card or letter to let someone know they are praying for them and share a quick word from the Lord with them. Pray that the Lord will lay someone in particular on your heart. You can’t use the ole, ‘ I don’t have their address’ excuse anymore. I have found numerous addresses on

6. Send a Bible. If you aren’t particularly comfortable with getting out and witnessing, while praying for the Lord to give you a little bit of boldness, order a Good And Evil Bible and send it anonymously to someone who needs to be saved. You can get their address off of their mailbox. (if you don’t know about these Bibles, they are a comic version of the KJV—some would read a comic strip before they would read the actual bible)

If you have anymore suggestions, I would love to hear from you. I have disengaged my comments to where you can comment anonymously if you don’t have a blog.

Two things to remember: You aren’t doing the saving. You are just planting the seed. That is all the Lord requires. Secondly, don’t neglect your children’s salvation. They are your ultimate priority.

Go Ye into all the world…..

Okay, have a lovely Saturday. As for me, I have 3 bright children awake, one of whom wants her footed pajamas off NOW, and I also have an engorged goat to go milk and chickens to feed/let out. More about the goat later….:) Hope you made it unscathed through the horrid weather yesterday. God’s protection was felt here, that’s for sure!


  1. Hello:-)
    I agree. True believers need to have a real concern for lost souls. Loads of people are dying every minute and MANY are going to hell ("...for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat" Matt. 7:13). Here's another way that my family & I get the Gospel out: we have magnets that we put on our vehicles. The current one we have on is "Jesus Saves." In the past we have had John 14:6 (the entire verse) and several other magnets with verses or sayings on them. There is a ministry in TN that you can purchase these from & they are inexpensive. I believe it's called Magnetic Scriptures. Not only do unbelievers read them, but they have been an encouragement to believers as well! Several times we had other believers ask about them and we ended up giving them the magnet because they liked it so much. We told them they could have the magnet only if they agreed to put it on their car:-)
    Have a blessed day:-) One more thing I wanted to say is that believers will be held accountable for what they did with the knowledge of Jesus Christ. Are we going to keep Jesus Christ to ourselves, or share Him with lost & dying souls? I also encourage believers reading this to do all they can to share the Gospel. We are in the last days(2 Timothy 3:1-5).

  2. Amen! I love the magnet idea! I will have to check into that. :) Thanks for the comment. I love to hear from like-minded 'sisters in Christ'.


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