Thursday, April 14, 2011

Be not deceived….

Last night, we had a campus minister preach at our church and share what he is doing for the Lord. My eyes were once again opened to the spiritual depravity and increasing tolerance for sin that our young people are portraying.

This minister’s message was no different from the messages of the prophets of old, of Paul’s message, of John the Baptist’s message, and of Noah’s message.


As I saw the pictures of the young adults, holding signs of rebuttal with inscriptions such as, “God is Love” and “Judge Not”, my heart was grieved.

Thanks to the watered-down gospel that many young adults have received over their young lives, the HUGE influx of the Hollywood agenda, and peer pressure, the kids have bought a fallacy. It goes like this.

We are all imperfect. We are all born different. God accepts us as we are. He loves us no matter what. He does not judge us for what we do nor does he expect us to change who we really are.

And of course, there are the young adult atheists and those with demonic new age beliefs.

But the ones who have false beliefs of God are the ones who are the most dangerous.

Dangerous to whom?

Dangerous to true Christians. These are the persecutors.

Now, you may say, What about God is Love? Aren’t these young people right to believe that God is Love?

I’m as familiar with John 3:16 as the next individual and am forever grateful that the Lord loved the whole world that he gave his only Son for my sins. I feel His love and mercy extended to me on a daily basis.

It’s the message that these young people are basing their poster inscriptions on. Its message means, God is Love which means he doesn’t care if you are living in abomination to his word. He doesn’t mind that you are living out your uniqueness (i.e. sodomy, etc).

God HATES wickedness. He is ‘Angry with the wicked every day’ (Ps 7:11)

He was angry enough to destroy an entire world and save only 8 people (Genesis—Noah)

He was angry enough to destroy 5 cities and save Lot and a couple family members (Sodom & Gomorrah)

People were destroyed at the hand of kings whom God had hardened their hearts. (several times in the Old Testament)

Several thousands and thousands of people were destroyed during wars when God’s hand would turn away from them because of their wickedness. (Several times in the Old testament)

Nineveh was saved by the skin of their teeth thanks to a prophet who preached, Repent Ye.

God Loves Righteousness and Holiness.

He saved Noah and his family because of their obedience and righteousness.

He saved several prophets and obedient men in the Bible from wild beasts and huge armies (Gideon, etc)

He spared Lot and his family from fire AND brimstone.

He spared Israel countless times from the enemy (even though we know he destroyed some within the children of Israel because of their wickedness and idolatry).

God is a God of love and mercy. There are many, many verses I could type that would portray to you His love and divine mercy. There are also many, many verses that would explain that He does not tolerate sin and continuance in sin. He does not tolerate unrighteousness and filthy living (like some of the things that go on in college campuses).

So, when the young minister was out trying to book the latest Rock and Roll Christian band and putting the latest movie up on the youth building’s big screened TV for the young people to watch, He should have been teaching them what the Bible says about sin and about the blood of Jesus. Instead of trying to relate to them, he should’ve been relating to them the reality of a burning hell. A hell where it is estimated (I know that only God has the correct count) that 250,000 souls go every day.

So, what does all this mean for us mothers?

First of all, if your church has a youth ministry, a Children’s Church, or even a Sunday school and your children attend, FIND OUT what is being taught. Or, better yet, keep them in church with you. Ask them over the Sunday dinner table what they did in Sunday School and what the lesson was on. Make sure they are hearing Bible truth and are not merely being entertained and fed candy and juice.

Don’t send your kids to a young ministry building if all they do is have Christian (I say this loosely) Rock and Roll bands, have pizza and ice cream, watch the latest ‘easy on the eyes and ears’ Blockbuster film, practice with the dance team, and learn how to say no to sex (this is the parent’s responsibility…actually, they shouldn’t be even in this situation yet!).

I would choose another church, honestly.

Secondly, teach your children at home (this is biblical from Deuteronomy) and keep them out of public school (or private for that matter). This is not just me expressing my passions (Homeschooling is one of them). It IS PROVEN that public schools have an agenda to teach children to be tolerate for sin. Some places even have homosexuality in their textbooks. Science is anti-creation and has been since even I was in school.

Thirdly, don’t try to erase sin from society. Paint the picture for them. What I mean by this, without being gory or even being too explicit (my kids don’t know about anything about alternative lifestyles, thank the Lord). If you see a homeless man standing by the road, share with them what has probably happened in that man’s life—how he got to that point. Of course, you what to teach them to love those people, but explain what sin can do to a person’s life. Use your time out and about in the real world to share with your children what sin can do. Don’t ever excuse sin or appear tolerant before them.

I will never forget my mom taking a pen and coloring in to cover up cleavage on magazines that we would get in our home. She was showing us that immodesty is wrong and we weren’t taught to just tolerate it (hence, the covering up of the immodest lady on the Prevention magazine).

For goodness sakes, don’t let your small sons be allowed to GAPE at the horrible, filthy magazines that are paraded at the counter of Wal-mart! Find another aisle. If they happen to see them, explain to them that those are human beings, created by God to give Him glory, but have fallen into sinful living. I always tell them that they are searching for peace in things and will never find peace other than through God.

Last, FILL them with things of God. Starting at home, give them a Christian world-view, teach them the Bible as TRUTH, have them memorize God’s word, and have family prayer.

When the devil comes by, they will be repentant and not excuse their sin as being okay and who they ‘are’. You will have taught them that ‘friendship with the world is enmity with God’ (James 4:4).

That is all for now, I have a little one awake. You might want to check out Charles Finney’s (one of the world’s greatest evangelists) message here.

Next, I will blog about how you can evangelize as a stay-at-home mother.

Please come back! :)

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  1. I've been browsing around your blog and having so much fun reading that I can't stop! But I must because my family will want to eat tonight!
    Thanks for sharing your sweet spirit!


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