Monday, April 25, 2011

Pics from Easter…

Just a few shots I snapped yesterday—Enjoy!

debby's pictures 217A family Photo

debby's pictures 220 

Easter Frocks :)))

debby's pictures 222My pastor’s wife and I with our unplanned matching skirts

debby's pictures 229My parents

debby's pictures 232Finding eggs with Grandpa

debby's pictures 233On her own…

debby's pictures 235    I found one!

debby's pictures 237 

Evan and his cousin, Tucker

debby's pictures 238

Forget the eggs, I found a sucker!

debby's pictures 240

Me and my very active 80ish year old Grandpa (He is a really little man..he makes me look huge!)

Hope you had a great Easter! I would love to see your photos! Leave me a comment if you put up Easter pics.


  1. Hello there!! Just wanted to say, I enjoy reading your blog! I am a stay at home mom with a 3 yr old daughter. While it is not always easy (financially, mentally, etc) is definitely worth it! It is nice to know there are other mothers striving for the same. (most mamas around my age that I know sadly do not want to stay home for various reasons) Thanks again and such sweet Easter pics!! :)

    Kristin from NC

  2. How precious. Great memories. How neat that you and your pastors wife had similar skirts unplanned.

  3. Great family pictures! We, unfortunately, did not get a family pic this year :-( I did post a few that we took during the week! I love the ones of your parents and grandfather!!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Enjoyed the pics...Miss Ella is getting too big for her britches :). You all looked so nice on Easter. Wish we coulda been there!

  5. I loved your Easter pictures, especially your family ones at the start, and the co-ordinated skirts!

    I have a couple in my post today,


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