Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Your Calling is At Home…

I had planned to put my Cleaning Schedule/Morning Routine up for a blog post so maybe I could help someone else in the area of scheduling with four or more young children. Don’t get excited, my schedule doesn’t call for a clean house. :) If you have a schedule that leaves your house clean, your four or more young children happy, homeschooled, cleaned & fed, and your husband satisfied, please leave me a comment! :)

As I was in prayer this morning, my mind was changed through the quickening of the Holy Spirit to tell someone, Your Calling is At Home.

Now I’m not a preacher (ha, ha!), but this blog is a ministry tool for me and if I feel the Lord give me a certain topic, then I believe it’s for a certain reader.

This morning in prayer, my mind was given to two different women. One has lost her child, the other’s children seem to be on the way out. I firmly believe that the reason is, they were not at home.

Dear Sister, is it your desire to have those babies only to lose them? To the world?

I am just silly enough to believe that if we train up a child in the way he should go, he will not depart. No disrespect to the Word of God, but do you know that there are people who think that their children are lost because of, oh well…….

If my children don’t get saved or develop a friendship with the world when they are older, it will be, ultimately, our fault. We failed in some way to train them up in the way they should go.

What is the first thing that should be done to ensure that your child is raised up in the right way? Stay at home. Don’t give your child over to someone else to raise. Especially, don’t lose your mind and send them to public school to be raised by some atheist or teacher who, after 30 years, doesn’t really want to be there. I know some readers are from other countries and there are different laws about schooling your kids, but if at all possible, keep them at home with you.

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Your Calling is At home.

I always somehow drift to homeschooling on posts like this, but the Lord has so clearly showed me over the past 10 years how it is very dangerous to send our children off to public school. So, back to my post….

The women that came to my mind this morning are smart, very intelligent women. To be honest, these women would feel that they were dumbing themselves down (insulting their intelligence?) if they stayed at home and did such mundane tasks as change diapers, wash dishes, pick up all day, sweep floors, etc.

Surely the Lord wants me to be successful. To use my gifts in this world.

At the expense of your children? I don’t think so.

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Your Calling is At home.

Thank God for intelligent women who decide that staying home with their children is the only option. It’s a Must. Thank Him for those who decide to use their God-given intelligence on their children. To teach them. To train them. Use your talents and abilities to make your children the most knowledgeable children on your block or in your church. Not to be in your face but so they will be wise and well-learned, especially in the Scriptures and in the ways of Christ.

You know what? The devil wants you to go out and be successful, make money, and leave your children for someone else to raise. He wants them. He’ll probably will get them if you do this.

This body is going to rot and decay. This world and all your sweet possessions are going to melt with the fervent heat. The only thing you can take with you to heaven are your children. That’s it. The only thing. What more precious possessions would you want?

You will stay at work to have a fine house that will melt with the fervent heat?

You will stay at work to have a Lincoln or a Cadillac which will melt with the fervent heat?

You will stay at work to be able to send your kids to college debt free? Which, in judgment, their education will mean nothing to them and according to statistics, based on the college you send them to, could be detrimental to their spirituality.

Your calling is at Home!

Disclaimer: If you are a widow or have a husband who demands you to work, this article is not intended for you. The Lord is able to give you the desires of you heart. This article is also not intended to say that if you stay home with your kids, they will turn out okay. It takes a lot more than that.


  1. This may not be the best place to address this but I've been wanting to get your advice on a homeschooling matter.

    I have had two moms who know I will be homeschooling say this to me in the past few weeks...."I want to homeschool, but I don't think I can stand to be with my children all the time". WHAT??? That just blows me away. Sure, I get tired and frustrated being a full-time SAHM and I am certainly not perfect. What can I say to them? They already know the reasons I am doing this. I want to come across loving and not preachy or holier-than-thou, ya know? I have just told them they can do it and recommended a one-day-a-week-away-from-home enrichment program for homeschoolers they could join if they truly cannot tolerate being with their children every day.

    So, wise one, I will be checking back to see what you have to say!

  2. I had typed a really long reply and it got deleted :(, so I'm going to try a trial one before I send another one...

  3. Okay,
    basically what I said was that, sadly, these ladies are selfish with their time (thanks to society) and also their children are possibly not trained to behave which causes them to look for an 'outlet' to get away from their children for a bit. The best thing you can do is to lead by example and they will probably notice some things about you and ask you. You can recommend them books or perhaps a website (or blog) to check out. Homeschooling is a calling and a conviction of mine and really it has to be a heart issue as well for someone to be commited. That being said, it IS said to hear comments from people who say they can't wait to have some time away from their kids. So sad :(
    God Bless you, sis!

  4. Thank you for replying and I'm sorry your first answer was frustrating!!! I made my blog private for a little while. If you have trouble accessing it please let me know!

    It is a conviction and a heart issue and I pray I will be able to wisely accomplish what I need to do! This is a really exciting time and I am looking forward to our new journey! I will be scouring your archives to see if you have posted curriculum recommendations. Looking for a good Reading program. Settled on Math U See and Handwriting Without Tears for the others. Any other suggestions?


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