Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Candle of God


Religion is the act of praying and reading God’s Word. Relationship is wanting to pray and read God’s word. We can pray and read our Bibles faithfully (without fail) and still truly not know God. ~Bro. Darrell Wilkinson in this morning’s sermon


When we get to a cold place in our spiritual lives, little sins begin to creep back in—the same old ones the devil knows he can sneak back into our lives without us really noticing (not anything ‘big’, at first). I don’t know what yours are, but mine are the same ones—pride, discontent, murmurings, and complaining.

When we begin to seek God again, earnestly, it’s amazing the things we will see that has crept in while we were ‘away’.

What has happened? The candle of God has been relit in our lives. His presence has been restored.

Why do people who are lukewarm feel they are ‘okay’ spiritually? I’ll tell you why. They can’t see the sins that are in their lives. The candle is not lit. When the lights are off, I can’t see the dust gathering on my table, can I?

We MUST keep this candle lit or it will go out. When you purchase a new candle, on the bottom, or on the sticker, it will tell you how many hours of burning time your candle will burn. Our spiritual candle will also go out if not tended to with frequent prayer and Bible-reading. If we wait too long between our visits with the Lord, our candle will go out and we will not see the little sins that will creep in. The dust on our hearts will be concealed without the light of God’s presence.

I’m amazed how when I get back into my earnest prayer and searching the scriptures,  I immediately feel my dirtiness. Thank the Lord for the light of the Lord!

The spirit of man [is] the candle of the LORD, searching all the inward parts of the belly Proverbs 20:27

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