Thursday, May 19, 2011

Simple things that make my life extraordinary

Give God the praise for any well-spent day

                                                   ~Susanna Wesley

may 19 012 The oldest, snacking on blueberries, hard at work at his cursive

may 19 013Early morning play on the sidewalk

may 19 014Oh, she’s spotted Mama! I must go see her!

may 19 015  Don’t tell anyone I’m playing house! :)

may 19 016New Begonias repotted (and hoping the chickens don’t like Begonias)

may 19 017As seen through the screened porch…

may 19 018We REALLY like blueberries around here…and muffins

may 19 019Fresh garden Taters!!

may 19 020    Fresh Betsy-the-goat milk! 3 Liters of it…yum

may 19 022 Who needs TV when you got chickens to watch?

may 19 024

Our girls, who are meat chickens and HUGE and, ready. Alas, I can’t seem to bring up the issue with the husband. I really like these girls. Even if hormone, antibiotic, free range chicken breasts are $9.76 for 5-7 breasts (small) right now.

may 19 025 I mean, they are our pets. Our first-borns. Even if they do eat my….

may 19 026Lilies….

I am off to get my rear in gear. My kids are spending the day with my mom and I have a RARE lunch date with my husband (woohoo)!!! I also have my second annual piano recital tonight, so I must prepare some refreshments for that. I’m looking forward to hearing my students and seeing them shine.


I am content to fill a little space if God be glorified ~Susanna Wesley


  1. What beautiful pictures and its is amazing how such simply things really make such grand smiles.

  2. Lovely photos! :)

    I wanted to tell you, from your comment on my blog...The Mother at Home and Home-Making are different books by the same author. Home-Making is also known as The Family by JR Miller! :) The Mother at Home is also one of my favorite books!

  3. What a delight to read your post and look at the pictures. Chickens are looking yummy! :)
    We hope to raise our own food one day, and I'm sure I'll be faced with the same dilemma, lol


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