Sunday, January 13, 2013

A peek at my week

Okay, so no comments from any readers out there about my sudden popping on board with the blogging.:) Let's just say that, where there is a will, there is a way. :) I miss blogging terribly and have tried to replace my first love with Facebook, which just ain't much of a replacement. In fact, most of you have read on here my love/hate (mostly strong dislike) relationship with facebook. I find myself feeling like I'm from another planet when I'm on facebook. Most of the time I am thinking, does anyone share the same interests/convictions/opinions as I? A small few of my friends on facebook (which are mostly the same said friends whose blogs I frequent).

Alas, an attempt to revive this blog. Again. Again. And yet, again.

This week we started back school which went really smoothly. Once again I was reminded (for the hundreth time) of just how thankful I am to be able to educate my children at home. I absolutely would rather have their education no. other. way. I didn't have to dread their going 'back to school'. Because, they weren't going anywhere.

By the middle of the week, the flu had settled in with our youngest child, Ezra. And by Friday, had married our youngest daughter, Ella. And I, yours truly, wasn't feeling so hot myself. Well, actually I was feeling pretty HOT myself. Maybe a light case of the flu? Maybe a God-having-mercy-upon-poor-mama-of-the-family-so-she-can-take-care-of-the-others- Flu? Anyway, I was pretty much back to normal within a day or so. My poor babies are still lingering with their flu symptoms.

With my ever growing belly is my ever growing nesting and organization that is always welcomed around our busy (and sometimes messy!) home.

Ezra birthday etc 014

We moved the boys’ bunks into the girls’ bedroom. They haven’t slept in their room in almost a year because frankly, the room needs a good dose of remodeling. The paneling is peeling off of the walls, among other allergy triggers. I am glad to get the toddler bed out and my eldest off of the couch and into a more sensible sleeping arrangement.  I admit, my husband did the moving of the bunks into this room. I did a lot of sweeping and putting away of toys and finding lots of lost ‘treasures’ (hairbows, anyone?).

More views…

Ezra birthday etc 015

I doubt they will get used to the pink, but it just may have to work for now.

Ezra birthday etc 016


My fridge needed a little love this week. Yeah, it’s almost grocery time.


Ezra birthday etc 017


A bookshelf that had been neglected for way too long (check out the before picture). What can I say? My kids like choosing books off the shelves to read. Hurray for that.

Ezra birthday etc 007

(Before) Check out my Laura Ingalls Wilder in the back—my Erin in her new nightgown and cap, made by Gran-Gran

Ezra birthday etc 018

After (try not to noticed where I haven’t painted)

Ezra birthday etc 019

Health, mothering/parenting, Prophesy, etc…

Ezra birthday etc 020

Our very slim movie collection (Moody Science, Homestead Blessings, a few Veggie Tales & Narnia)

Ezra birthday etc 021

Children’s Classics


Ezra birthday etc 022

The weekly laundry pile (It works better for me to do my laundry on Saturday, so it gets rather LARGE)

Ezra birthday etc 023

A view through the screen of laundry hanging—such a warm day, THUS the next picture…

Ezra birthday etc 025

FLIP FLOPS! (in January!)


Just a few pics of my sillies…

Ezra birthday etc 011

There must be something in the ‘water’ Smile

Ezra birthday etc 024

A little Candy-Land for my eldests

Ezra birthday etc 013

A little blurry, but still a lotta cutie!


Many blessings!


  1. Glad you're back, I'm at 18 months of my blogging break and have been feeling the pull to get back also.

  2. You've been busy! looks very organized! You' ve inspired me :) you' 're family pics are so good! Hope you're all feeling better.


  3. I too have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. Infact I deactivated my account and am going to have a go at blogging instead. Sounds like you have things under control quite well at your house! Take care of Amy and baby! Wish they didn't live so far away now :(
    I am assuming you all have a new addition on the way as well? Congrats! That is so exciting.
    Have a great day - Sarah F


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