Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Cozy Heart in a Cozy Home—Dangerous??


The other night in prayer, the Lord really impressed these thoughts on my heart. After I finished praying, I grabbed a piece of paper and wrote a few notes down. It was very late (around 1am) so my points aren’t very clear and probably could be organized a lot better, but I’m just going to give it to you as is.

While I was praying, I was busy thanking God for just how blessed I am. I know the Lord expects our thanks and gratitude, so I know there is absolutely nothing wrong with thanking the Lord for His blessings. However, I couldn’t help but feeling shallow in my thanks because I felt like that’s all I could offer, just thanks. Now, hear me out.

Basically, I just felt that I had done nothing.

That’s when I felt convicted that I had become too cozy.

You know, sometimes life can be so good and we can be so blessed that we can be too comfortable and too cozy in the Lord’s goodness. Like, God’s goodness is sufficient for our Christian life.

Here are some feelings of being comfortable and cozy with life:

*An overall good feeling of being blessed

*Life is good; comfortable

*Home is our heartbeat; family and comforts are everything to us

What is the problem with this? Nothing! UNLESS… we lose our focus.

Problem#1 : We can forget we are here to SERVE.

There IS comfort in serving in our comfort zone. However, don’t forget what is outside our cozy walls. Serving others outside our cozy spot is often not so, ahem, comfortable.

Problem #2: We can lose track of the devil and evil.

Our homes can become so cozy and peaceful that we can forget the evil that is lurking outside and even fall into a cozy stupor that could allow the devil’s foot in our cozy home and into our (obviously) too cozy (i.e. lukewarm) hearts.  We can shut out reality so much that we fail to be concerned for problems and evils going on in the world. When your are comfortable, you aren’t concerned.

Problem #3 Who needs prayer when things are cozy and comfortable?

A cozy life could blind us of the wretch we really are sans Christ (hence, no brokenness).

No one seems to need prayer within cozy walls.

Posting on Facebook or on other social networks about how blessed we are seems to be sufficient, right??

So, how do we keep a squirmy heart in a comfortable home?

1. Remember we are here to SERVE!

2. Keep a sharp realization that the devil is always looking for a cozy heart in which he can make a cozy home.

3. Keep a prayerful concern for things going on outside your cozy home.

4. Above all, PRAY! Don’t allow your heart to become so cozy that you put off prayer. This is the foundation for strict maintenance of an “uncomfortable” heart.


God Bless! Hopefully these words will make sense to you and convict you if it is needed! I love a cozy home, but I don’t want a cozy heart!

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