Friday, March 8, 2013

Homeschooling: Scripture Memorization

If I had the ability to post regularly (no home internet), I would do a weekly post on different homeschooling ideas/helps. But, alas, I don't, so here is a rare post from me (from McDonald's). :)

If you have read my blog for any length of time, you know that I am most passionate about homeschooling. It is actually a conviction and I love it. It is not always easy, but it is always rewarding.

One of our subjects is Scripture Memorization. The most important, don't you think? I deeply regret that I did not hide God's Word in my heart when I was a child. What I gathered, I can give thanks to the many church services that I attended and the preachers that quoted the Word of God during these services.

So far this year, my homeschoolers have learned Matthew 5: 1-16 (The Beatitudes) and John 1:1-16. Our next chapter to memorize will be Romans 12. Here is my method for scripture memorization.

Day One: Mom copies scripture to be memorized in child's notebook. Child copies scripture (here you get in your handwriting practice and copywork). Child says scripture to mom (reading it) three times in a row.

Day Two: Child reads scripture three times in a row. By the third time, child begins to try to recite some of scripture from memory (unless it is my 10 year old who can say it from memory on the first day, lucky guy).

Day Three: Child tries to say all of the scripture from memory, three times in a row.

Day Four: Repeat Day one with NEXT scripture to be memorized. Child says previously memorized scripture along with the new scripture to be memorized.

Continue until the entire passage is memorized. On Fridays, the children recite the previously passage memorized to me (to keep them from forgetting it) as well.

I hope this makes sense. It really works well for us. My children learned Isaiah 56 last year with this method as well.

And a DEFINITE bonus is MOM learns the scriptures as well! Woo-hoo! :o)

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