Monday, November 23, 2009

Gettin' my Craft on...

Someone has a blog with that title and I just had to use it, cause I really like it...hope it's not copyrighted or anything..:o)
Hmm..what have I been up to this week, craft-wise? Well, we finally finished our Thankful Tree today. It was a lot of fun and very easy to do. I got a really cool branch from our yard (the day after the Tropical Storm hit, so I had lots of know it's harder than one would think to pick out that 'perfect' branch), spray painted it gold, found a really, really old, rusted coffee can out of the shed and spray painted it white, spray painted a leaf motif in gold, stuck the limb in some styrofoam and glued it for extra stability, added some moss (?) around the top of the can, and it was cute. Just like that. I printed some leaves from a template that was off of Word and had the kids write things on the leaves for which they are thankful. It was cute to see how the age differences caused the thankfulnesses (I am almost sure that isn't a word) to vary. My 6 yr old wrote things like, God, Family, Toys, etc. My 4 yr old wanted Kitty, Gabby (her dog), Teddy Bear, etc. on hers (not even Mama!), and the 2 yr old just said, Kitty! :) I didn't hafta ask the 2 month old because I know her answer would be, Mama's Milk! :)
Okay, the Tree, for crying out loud! (Oh yeah, I first saw this project at Kimba's blog, which I will link to later in this post)

Now, my second craft that I 'got on' was painting my husband's grandmother's nightstand that faithfully stood by her bedside for many, many, many years. I really can't tell you how long, but she was about 94 when she died. I decided to dress it up for the girls, and while it's not poifect, it looks a lot better, ya think? The 'E' is for their little names, Erin and Ella. Ensjoy...

And a view of the nice top...


Linked at DIY day at A Soft Place to Land


  1. I came over from A Soft Place to Land. I just LOVE the nightstand!

  2. very cute! the nightstand is adorable!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. The nightstand looks great! The "E" is a nice touch. Love the thankful tree too!


  4. Very nice! We did a thanksgiving tree, too - thanks to the nor'easter we had lots of branches, too. :) Love the nightstand! Thanks for dropping by earlier. It's nice to meet you!

  5. The nightstand turned out adorable! What I love about old furniture is that they are always so sturdy and heavy, which is great around little ones.

  6. Your table and tree are great! Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. Perfect color of blue - so fresh! Fresh in a totally innocent little girl way of course.

    Great job.


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