Monday, November 30, 2009

Motivated Moms

My reasons to stay motivated...

Well, did you notice that Monday came around again?? It seems to take me all day to clean the weekend out of my house on Mondays. Sometimes it is hard to stay motivated all day, but I must stay busy on Mondays to get my house back to normal. Today was no exception. My day was full of dish washing, laundry/folding/putting away, straightening rooms (the kids' was the worst!), sweeping/mopping, lots of cooking, homeschooling, nursing, and lots of other mothering.
A few weeks ago, I found a tool that has helped me stay motivated with my tasks. I will post the linky at the bottom of this post in case you are interested. For a small fee, you can download a whole year of daily/weekly tasks to complete, complete with a checklist, AND a Bible reading plan. Here's what my list looks like this week: (minus the daily things)

Inventory Frig Contents
Vacuum LR/DR (I mop)
Clean ceiling fans
Clean toilets
Replenish toilet paper
Dust office

Change dish towel
Clean out purse & wallet
Sweep bedrooms (or vacuum)
Change handtowel in Bathroom
Clean tub & shower
Clean Bathroom mirror
Go thru coupons

Clean top shelf of frig
Change or clean a/c filter
Clip children's nails
Clean/wash brushes/combs
Wrap holiday gifts
Dust Master Bedroom

Change dish towel
Clean microwave
Clean top & outside of stove
Mop kitchen
Clean computer screen & mouse
Change handtowel in bathroom

Clean dishwasher door
Sweep porch
Change Master Bedroom sheets
Dust Dining room
Turn Master Bedroom mattress
Do a quick tidy in each room
Spend time on a craft

Change dish towel
Clean middle shelf of frig
Change hand towel in bathroom
Water indoor plants

This is just a nice way of dispersing the spring cleaning in with the every day chores. Some days I don't get it all done, but it eventually comes around again and I don't stress it. Something you may want to check out....
Well, tomorrow I'm going to attempt to shop with my two youngest and also I'm supposed to get a new couch and loveseat tomorrow!!! Maybe I'll have some pix to post soon!!

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  1. I love that idea because I do the same thing. It sure makes life much easier, especially when your kids are little, to get pieces of spring cleaning accomplished with daily chores.


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